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Sport & Beauty – Gym bag essentials

Sport & Beauty – Gym bag essentials

Sport keeps you fit, it’s fun and makes you feel good in your skin. Gym bag essentials? Yoga mat, bottle of water and a towel. Wait, don’t forget your essential cosmetic products which will help rejuvenate your skin before and after a training session, refresh and reinvent your entire day!

Stretch before a training

Just like applying makeup or skincare products, the prep of the skin is important before training. Think of it like…stretching. The body needs a good warm up before all the intense workout, but so does the skin. Gym or an outdoor session? Both environments require different skin prep and care. Prior to exercise, do not use any greasy creams or perfumes, as they may feel uncomfortable while sweating.

What’s totally acceptable is water-based creams, gels or fluids. Relocate your exercise in the outdoors and feel amazing in nature. Be aware though that the sun’s rays reflect on to the sweat on our skin. You should not refrain from sports outside, but to prevent skin aging, sunburn and skin cancer always apply a sunscreen – in any form you prefer. Particularly suitable are specially designed products for athletes, as they provide a suitably adapted and thus adequate and reliable protection from the sun.

Sport and makeup? Not an unlikely combo!

Some women really like to wear makeup even in the gym or while doing yoga, and that’s totally ok! Contrary to popular belief, makeup does not automatically cause pimples and bad skin while doing sports – it’s all about what products you use for your workout makeup! Yes, we called it – workout makeup is now a thing!
If you want a little coverage, apply a very lightweight base or tinted moisturizer.
Be careful though because it can clog the pores. Another way to wear a base without actually wearing a ton of foundation is to just cover blemishes, pimples, redness and dark circles with a concealer and blend the rest of the product left on the sponge or brush on other parts of the face. Your makeup should be resilient to any tears and sweat (gym or other sport, it always leads to that).

Good news for fitness fans: sport is healthy for the skin! Regular exercise is important to provide the skin with nutrients and to give it a radiant and fresh look. After training, our body is better supplied with blood, yet our skin needs a special care to compensate for the exertion of sun, sweat and dirt. A lukewarm shower about 15-20 minutes after exercise is ideal to cleanse the skin and open the pores for deeper penetration of the products. For cleaning it is best to use pH-neutral, mild and soothing shower gels. Ingredients such as mint or lemon have an invigorating effect and provide an extra kick of freshness after exercise. Then, depending on the skin type, a suitable moisturizer should be applied to the skin, since the skin is particularly receptive to nourishing active ingredients due to the open pores. About 20 minutes after the shower, a mild deodorant can be applied. The scent of deo or perfume? A unisex fragrance for that extra fresh touch.

Drink plenty of water and adapt the diet to the needs of the sport. Supplements like magnesium for example can be taken by athletes and regulars to the gym to prevent cramping and provide sufficient muscle.

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