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As Told by a Black Woman by Calynn M Lawrence

It also doesn’t help that I often have to wear heavy makeup for appearances, photoshoots and the like.

Ron Robinson: Cosmetic Science Expert

Ron Robinson is a 20-year research and development veteran executive for leading beauty companies including the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., Avon Products Inc. and Revlon Inc.

Design Essentials Natural Declares War on Dryness

FOR DULL, DRY AND VERY THIRSTY HAIR: Design Essentials® Natural introduces the Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Collection.

Glitter Hacks that are Borderline Genius

Glitter is HOT right now, and we wanna nail the look without getting our eyelashes in a twist!

YHS: Successful Salon Service & Homecare Marketing Strategies

Salon professionals must directly tie your salon services into homecare marketing strategies.

At Home Hair Growth Remedies: Do they Work?

Today, researchers know more than ever about the causes of hair loss.

The Jane Carter Solution Healthy Hair Line

Jane Carter Solution is expanding it’s product line-up with the launch of it’s new Healthy Hair Line.

True Grooming Values: Instruction for the Perfect Shave

Learning how to offer the perfect shave is a great addition to any hairstylist’s menu.

Redken Haircare Renovation: Upgrade to Smart Haircare

Today, smart technology can be found everywhere, from your phone, to your car and in almost every corner of your home.

PK: Pearson Knight

Pearson Knight is an independent, free-spirited hair stylist + style maker who has been defining his own unique path from the very start.