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Why Loyalty Programs are Beneficial for your Salon

Customer loyalty programs are a great way for you to hold on to your clients.

Use SWOT to Excel your Business

Hair salons are involved in a competitive industry with diverse target markets.

How to Build a Client Base as a Hairstylist

Being a hairstylist isn’t as simple as showing up to cut hair.

Nail Know How Your Ultimate Guide

Keeping everything in shape is never easy, but fortunately, our nails don’t need a special diet to stay in great condition!

SinfulShine Collection Fall in Show

You’re sure to Fall in love with these brilliantly shining nail polish shades. SinfulShine, the 2-Step Manicure line from SinfulColors, launches the Fall In Shine collection.

Vitamin Moisturizers: Why they are Everything

With so many new products launching on the market, we need a moisturizer that stands the test of time – so what ingredients should we look out for?

Eprouvage: Launches New Smoothing Collection

Anti-Aging Haircare Harnessing the Power of Progressive: éprouvage, the first professional brand to bring the preventative anti-aging power of Progressive Plant Stem Cells to haircare, is proud to announce the launch …

Serum & your Skincare

The skincare routine has evolved and the days of ‘yes my makeup is off, can I go to bed now?’ is over.

7 Deadly Salon/Spa Problems

NEW CLIENTS: Worried about getting and retaining new clients